Saturday, February 2, 2013

Stuck at work.

I'm stuck at work this weekend, using Explorer 7.0 from 2006, so there isn't much I can do here except share some older photos that I've taken.

Recently, I picked up a remote flash transmitter which I was testing when I took this shot. I believe this was with the Canon 135mm f2.0 lens which is remarkably sharp.


One of the experiments I tried this past summer was shooting with a 10 stop welding plate used in welding helmets. I got this one at Farm and Fleet for just a few bucks. With a 10 stop filter, one can shoot with longer exposures during the day. Here I shoot the freeway, which was actually jammed with traffic, but the longer exposure magically makes the cars and trucks disappear!



I'm still looking for a good spot to shoot the freeway from that would really emphasise the emptiness of the road.

As much as I want to, it doesn't look like I'm going to get to shoot any ski jumping this winter. Work is getting in the way. This is such a hard sport to shoot because of the cold, the speed of the skiers, weird angles of the sun, but when you nail one ... it's something special.


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  1. LOVE your shot of the camera with the welding plate! You are a clever fellow and I admire your inventiveness. Enjoying your site.. found it through your link on the Canon site.