Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Furry Critters

So, flowers are pretty easy to take pictures of. Sure, it takes some practice to get pleasing angles, but they can't run away from you. Birds are harder. To get 'a' bird isn't so tough, to get THAT bird may be very challenging.

Then come four legged animals ... it depends on where you live. You may have some in your backyard that will eat out of your hand, while those out in the woods can be quite elusive.

 I just happened to catch this mink late in the morning at a nearby pond late one morning. A few people come here to fish, but other than that, it's a pretty quiet area.
I was a good 50 meters away from him, yet he did not like me being in his yard and when I looked away for just an instant, he was gone. It sure was a treat finding him though. Maybe our paths will cross again one day.

 I found this pair of coy-wolves just a mile from home in a park that's so small, I usually forget that it's there. It was a cold morning (-5F) just after a light snowfall.  What caught my eye was all the tracks in the fresh snow that had just fallen only a few hours before.

They were laying in those reeds at the edge of this pond and I didn't see them until one got up to stretch, then wandered off. Shortly followed by the second one who has something going on with her fur! I went back a number of times, but no new tracks, never saw them again.

Deer are always fun. Found these two right along a very busy walking trail at the local nature center.  Person after person walked right by this pair, oblivious to their presence. They were quite accommodating to me and when I left them, I met a group of 3rd graders and their teacher. I showed them where this pair was, and to be very quiet. Oh were they happy to see this pair of deer on their nature walk.

Farm animals can be fun.
These I found just while out driving.

Of course pets are a great subject as well.

Just remember, where ever you are, keep shooting!

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