Friday, June 6, 2014

Protected Birds

"SLOWLY BACK AWAY FROM THE POND!" Well, I'm sure that's what they WANTED to say.

Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) - Oak Creek. Classes have been over this week, so the place is pretty quiet. I stayed 100 yds away from their buildings and their parked cars, but I 'did' walk around their frog ponds. "You didn't!" I DID! and I had two (2) security cars watch me do it. I stayed on the mowed grass, and just kept my eyes on the birds. Even with all this intimidation I saw 2 Wood Ducks, some pretty big turtles, heard some frogs, and got some shots of their highly protected Canada Geese!

THEN, you know what I did? I went to Mitchell Airport Park "Did you say AIRPORT???? Shut up!" Yup. It's labeled "park", it's ACROSS THE ROAD from the airport and it belongs to the public, and I walked across it! Despite three (3) federal security cars watching me (one unmarked and 2 marked with their lights flashing) I came out with a photo of one of their Savanah Sparrows. I did! Then when they weren't looking (they probably were) I even got a photo of their Meadowlark! As I rode my bike towards home (my big 12 mph get away), the unmarked car followed me. Hope he got good photos of me. Society has gone NUTZ! I give them credit for none of them actually stopping me and asking what I'm doing (I'm pretty sure it was obvious), but it won't be long before they will.  Really? It takes 3 security cars to watch me take photos of birds in a marked, public park, across the road from the airport? Is everyone looking for the BIG BUST? What an interesting day to say the least! 

Savanah Sparrow
Eastern Meadowlark

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